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This wwwxxx story is completly fictional

Being the only 18 year old virgin in school was hard for Kya but not being able to forefill her sexual fantasies was even harder. But lets not get ahead of our selves now.

Kya was like every other teen gal hot and horny and always wanting cock but the problem was Kya was still a virgin and never had the chance to have a big, muscular cock buried deep inside her pussy.

See Kya was a big gal with a huge 36f sized tits and a chubby body that matched. its not like she didn't want to have sex cause let me tell u she did but trying to find a guy that wanted her and all of her was definately difficult, so she calmed her urges by masturbating while watching her dads porno's when her parents were out and sneakin a vibrator out of her mothers draw whenever she got the chance.

She would sit there and watch the pretty blondes on her fathers movies being probed by the guys dick and she loved it, even pretending that is was here as the vibrator flew in and out of her steamy pussy, so soft, so wet.

When it came time for her parents to leave for a confrence she was exstatic because it meant that she wouldn't have to sneak to watch a porno or use one of the vibrators in her moms draw.
It would be great just her with the place to herself, well almost 2 herself there would be Tye the gardner that her parents had hired to clean the place up a bit while they were gone.

Kya's parents had hired Tye to work for them one time before and Kya loved it because Tye was a sex god with his tan skin, chiseled abs and blonde curly hair but the thing that most blew Kya away by him was his green eyes that just sparkled when she looked at them.

The day her parents left for there confrence she kissed them goodbye and watched as the cab pulled outta the drive, she then went inside and put on a comfy pair of shorts and chilled around the house loving her freedom.

A little while later the door bell rang, she went to check out who it was. To her suprise it was Tye, she was shocked she didn't expect him til tommorow. She asked him why he was here, he casually replied" I thought I would get a head start". Although she thought it was a little odd she accepted his answer and told him that everythin he needed was out the back , so off he headed.

Just as fast as he was gone, so was she as she scuttled up the stair to her parents room, little to Tye's knowledge Kya had a perfect view of his /gorgeous/">gorgeous body from her parents window.
There she settled in for the show.

After what felt like hours of watching his dreamy body shovelling dirt and planting plants.. His body glistening with sweat, Oh so sweaty and so dirty and so perfect .

Kya was suddenly snapped back into /reality/">reality when she heard the phone ringing , she quickly ran downstairs to get it .

It was her friend hayli ..
The gals chatted about everythin especially hayli's new dream beau scott who according to hayli had the biggest cock she had ever seen .. As the gals kept talking the dirtier hayli got goin into detail about the massive orgasm she had the /first-time/">first time they fucked. Kya was so envious of hayli , who definatley knew how to get a guy whenever she wanted.

"Hello are u alive " hayli snapped when there was no reply from Kya .
"Oh sorry I was just havin a perve session"
" Oh really at who" hayli replied
"Tye he is back, my parents hired him to fix the garden while they're gone " she answered
" Oh yummy he is dreamy .. Oh what I would do to that boy if I had the chance" hayli commented.
"You !!.. What bout me? Your poor virgin friend here"she whined
"I spose you can have him I guess"
" Oh you guess, such a kind friend u are hayli" kya replied
"I no" {hayli says while laughin at kya }
" mmm what I would do to him if I had the chance..."
"Oh yer wats that?" hayli was interested now.
" Id rip of his clothes and fuck him til we couldn't fuck any more in every possible position once ... no no twice" " but its never gunna happen so I need to stop fantasizing" she told her friend.

They continued to chat, unbekown to them that Tye who was takin a break by the window had heard there entire conversation.

The next morning Tye arrived extra early to start his work, this time with a hidden agenda to catch out Kya and see if she was looking at him and when he caught her he quickly took off his shirt as though he was hot from all the work he had been doin but really he just wanted to see her reaction.
Just as he thought her eyes were glued to him ...

He thought to himself" Im gunna have some fun with this... she is kinda /cute/">cute , it will be a experience for us both "

Seeing Tye without a shirt on had gotten Kya all hot, so she decided to watch one of her dads /porno/porno-movies/">porno movies .
As she put it in she thought bout Tye and what she would do if he walked in but then she reassured herself everythin would be fine so she pressed play.

Tye had been workin all day and the heat really was gettin to him so he went inside to grab a glass of water.
As he got inside he could hear moaning, he immediatly knew wat it was as he creeped closer to the door he could hear a gentle buzzin and Kya sayin somethin.. This was gettin him hot under the collar he leaned in closer ... He was gettin hard he knew it.
It was time to make his move. He dropped his pants at the door and snuck into the room completly naked ..

He was sure Kya would hear him but she didn't even notice she was so transfixed by the porn.
After a few seconds his eyes adjusted to the dark room and there she was lyin on the bed naked from the waist down her tits jiggling in rythm with the vibrator slidin in and out of her hot /cunt/fat-cunt/">fat cunt. He couldn't believe it he was actually turned on by her , he had neva bin with a /chick/fat-chick/">fat chick but he was certain Kya was gunna be the one to change that.

Kya had bin fuckin herself with the vibrator when she heard a noise but was to far gone to care, she closed her eyes and kept up her rythm pumping in and out .

When suddenly a man was on top of her , he pushed himself down and passionately kissed her lips
she pulled away in mix of confussion and excitment.
" what are you doin" she cried..
"Isnt this what you wanted?"
it was Tye she sighed in relief
" I didn't no who you were you /scared/">scared me "
" Does this scare " he replied as he passionately kissed her again.
Her head was spinning she was in total extasy that she couldn't even find the words to speak. she finally muttered "no" in a small voice.
"good " he replied " cause I want to fuck u until we can't fuck any more in every possible position once .. No no twice" he chuckled.

Her mind was racing oh shit he had heard there conversation

" and since I have ripped my clothes off for you I suggest we get started" he said ..

" Are u serious" kya questioned

"Never bin more serious in my life, now hurry up I wanna pop that cherry of yours"

"But I don't no how"

"Here let me show u" he replied as he crawled up and positioned his cock in her mouth " now SUCK " and she did she bobbed up and down savourin every flavour of his cock, moving to the tip and dartin her tounge round and round tastin his precum..

She licked up and down the shaft sucking on his balls when she reached the bottom .

Kya had a secret weapon of suduction she picked up from watch her dads porn stash, when she licked up the shaft for the final time, she licked his knob when she reached the top making sure there was a nice coating of saliva on top and then she moved her mouth away and gently blew cool air on it ... he crumbled with pleasure and exstasy.

"FUCK ME " she whispered in his ear as he tried to regain his stance .
" Haha ok hold on" he said

He pushed her the wwwxxx back on the bed,pulling her crotch foward.. gently easing his cock into her tight virgin pussy tryin not to hurt her { he wanted her to enjoy it no be in pain} . He finally managed to get half his cockin in and started pushin in and out fuckin her slowly at first but pickin up speed .

He leant down to kiss her thrustin all the way in as he did. An involutary moan slipped from her mouth and when his lips unclasped from hers he smiled and said
"were just gettin started yet"

Pumping harder and faster, his thumb rubbin her clit. All of a sudden her legs began to shake and her toes curled,he knew what this meant and with one mighty thrust she arched her back and came like a tidal wave.

Her cum went everywere it even glistened on Tyes abs..

She thought that was it but he stopped her when she tried to get up "were you goin every position twice rememba" he said " roll over, put that /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass up in the air and spread em "

craving his cock Kya did as she was told and with one thrust he pushed his cock all 10inches of it in at once .

Gaspin with pleasure kya came straight away...

Tye luved watching her cum it was so hot but he was itching to cum himself , So he thrust hard and fast til he felt his balls tighten.. It was comin he felt it in the pit of his stomach and finally he spurted an avalanche of cum into her /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt .

After that he calapsed on the bed.

Kya who had now regained her sense couldn't wait to tell her friend that her first time was with the sex god Tye. She would be so jealous