My aunts need too be filled

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My aunts need too be filled

My aunt moira is some what of snobbish /bitch/">bitch her husbands been away two weeks and she recently needed a hand around the house not really wanting to I agrred .

While working on lounge floor she said she was going to the mall and be backin an hour knowing she was gone I decided to have a look around the house I quickly found myself in the main bedroon and going through her panty drawer sniffing and sucking while I yanked my shaft I could not believe the bitch owned a couple of black Gstrings laying them on the bed I spead up the jacking off

All of a sudden I heard her voice I quickly tried to hide xxx but it was noo use being the bitch she threatened to everybody about this she then came closer and pushed me to my knees she the commanded I lick her /feet/">feet starting at her toes working my way up almost getting to her panty clad pussy she asked me to stand up and strip she said she was going umilate me Lying flat on the floor she stradled face and commanded I eat then with no notice she started to piss saying if drink everydrop there would be trouble when she was satified she got up and walk to the kitchen asking me to get dressed and get out .

I went into the kitchen afraid and angry grabiing her by the arm i told it was her turn she protested but it was no avail the bitch was going to suffer threatening with a knife I told her to get on her knees while Iwas going to fuck her mouth I rammed my cock right the back of her until I finally exploded all ove face and mouth she was to lick every drop of my white love cream .

But I was not finished the bitch was going get punished a visit porn videos download to the fridge armed me with to cucumbers both about 15" long and 3 to 4 " in diameter Forcing her the counter i jammed the first cucumber deep in to her love she screamed at first after a while the second one came into action again with out notice I sent the the cucumber deep into her virgin chocalate box she yelled out in pain but i couldnt give a fuck any more her anus was being ripped apart by now I was hard again she started to like what was going on and sugested we 69 each other her head worked on shaft while I continued to fuck her arsehole with the cucumber finally I coulnd not hold it any longer sprayed my load amazingly every drop was swallowed she got and said she never been fucked like before since then we ve invested in some pretty kinky /toys/">toys but thats another stoy all together