Swingers Diary 2

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Swingers Diary 2

100% fiction

2010 May 16 ” Today evening was incredible” We have come for a vacation to Goa. Asu's /sister/">sister Ria and her husband Vikas are along. We arrived at our hotel in the morning. The rooms here are fantastic. We left from Pune while it was early in the morning. I could guess Vikas's growing lust for me while we were waiting at the airport for our flight to depart. He even went to the pains of getting me cornered in a screened off lobby while I was off to bring in some coffee for all. There were two rooms booked for us, ours was two rooms apart from Ria's across the corridor.

We had a great time all day, and I could see Vikas's longing to get me under him on his bed was increasing in leaps and bounds. I felt it while he ogled at me across the lunch table.

That evening we were planning on going to the disc for a dance and a drink, but Vikas complained about having a headache and declined to go. Asu & Ria were all ready for the evening and went to the disc ahead of me.

While they were away I dolled myself up. I wore a blue tube top and a white skirt to go with it. I have been commented as being an extrovert and a show off (some of my female colleagues even called me a scarlet woman out of my earshot) when I wear this outfit as it shows most of my assets to advantage.

Vikas must have been spying from his door as he literally kidnapped me into his room while I was passing by his room. He grabbed me by my waist. I knew who was behind me so I didn't so much as let out a squeak. He pulled me inside by my waist, his grip firm and his hand warm where it touched my belly. Before I could understand, he locked the door behind us and flicked the ”Do Not Disturb” switch to on. He pulled me completely inside his room and shoved me against the wall.

Out of my comprehension I felt his warm breath on my cheeks and his lips upon mine. His tongue entered my mouth and explored it. His hands jostled inside my top and tried to grab my tits. I knew he was spoiling for screwing me all day long. That and the aggression in his direct approach turned me on instantly. My palm automatically rubbed against the bulge on his shorts. With a groan, he renewed his assault on my body. His hands fumbled to pull open my tops and his lips rained kisses on my bare neck, shoulders and the top of my breasts. OOHHhhh!!! It was so nice.

I pulled open the zip of his shorts and out popped his cock, all erect and ready to punish me full hd xvideo download for giving it such a /bad/">bad time inside his shorts. My fingers wrapped around his pole and pushed back the skin on it. What I felt made me exclaim with pleasure. His sinewy meat was huge, thick and /hot/red-hot/">red hot in my fist. It was already sticky with pre-cum. (god! He was so much pushed to the verge at the sight of me!)

Finally he managed to pull off the tops off my body. I instantly felt his head burying within the folds of my boobs. His breath tickled me /crazy/">crazy. My panty was wet alerady. His left hand played with my boobs while his right hand entered inside my panty. His fingers rubbed the lips of my cunt. He said, ”Your pussy's hairy and wet with your fuzz. I like it!! I have been waiting for this all day, had it not been for the anouncement of the departure of our flight, I would easily have you under my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock at the airport itself. Well, every thing is worth waiting for and now I am going to grab the prize of holding my fire this long with both my hands.”

With that he lifted me in his arms as if I weighed nothing and put me on his bed. He immediately proceeded to yank the panty off me and I swayed my ass to help him undo it off me. His cock in my hand had me want his pole penetrate me to my deepest. I was giving him a hand job to prevent the /erection/">erection from dwindling.

He brought out his electric trimmer and immediately trimmed the hair on my pussy. ”Uuuhhnnnnmm!! This feels so good!!” I said, the vibrations were setting me on the edge and I tightened the grip on his cock now. I came hard on the trimmer as it touched the lips of my pussy, ”Aaaahhhhhhh!!! My god, I am Cumming” I screamed.

He wiped the trimmer and my pussy with a towel and threw it on the bureau near the bed. He was not in the mood to let me go off so easily. I giggled at his impatience to fuck me. He opened my skirt and stripped off quickly. His muscular body and most of all his erect monster cock shocked and delighted me. I wanted to feel him close and inside me.

He sensed my mood and promptly lay beside me. Our lips locked again, his hands alternatively playing with my boobs and pussy. I in turn stroked his cock incessantly. He bent down to suck my boobs and bite my erect nipples. His grunts of savage lust were getting a vent and I was giving it to him. His desire was being fulfilled and I was enjoying it immensely. I was quivering under his touch and breath. My moans were muted, but loud enough for him to hear.

He pushed his cock between my boobs. I gathered he wanted to /fucking/boobs-fuck/fuck-my-boobs/">fuck my boobs. I nodded and obliged by wrapping and holding his cock between my boobs. He fucked them slowly and I sucked on the head of his cock every time it reached near my lips. He groaned with pleasure as my hot lips touched his hot meat. He got off my body and sat on the bed. It was signal enough for me to get up and give him a blowjob. Oh! How badly I wanted his cock inside my mouth!!!

When I was giving him a blowjob, he tried to push his cock deeper inside my mouth by exerting pressure on the back of my head. And he was squeezing my erect nipples all the time. I think he wanted to empty a load of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth so I prepared myself for it. He came with a loud grunt in my mouth. I gulped his juice down and kept on licking and fisting his cock to maintain erection. Even I was desperate for a fuck now.

He pushed me on my back and parted my legs to get into final position. His cock rubbing against my pussy was making me feel funny between my legs. To make it snappy I bent my legs around the back of his knees. His balance lost, he fell upon me with a crushing force and I could feel the enormous meat skewering through the flesh of my pussy. He pounded my cunt savagely with all the pent up fury of one kept waiting long. I gasped at the forceful thrusts he made.

He bit my neck and breasts while pushing his /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard and deeper inside me. I let out a stream of moans and screams. He was so far through that he fucked me through one of my orgasms. I guess, he would like to empty his balls in my pussy. I pumped his balls hhard and our lips locked in a heat of passion. His thrusts inside me grew stronger and our bodies rocked and slapped rhythmically. My pussy and back were aching with the riding he was giving me, but I liked it. I wrapped my legs around his waist to allow him the deepest access into my vagina.

His cock was deep inside me, completely engulfed by the hot walls of my vagina, well lubricated with my juice. He went on exploring deeper inside me. With his hard chest rubbing and pushing hard against my soft and jiggling breasts. I was feeling sore on my boobs, but I felt we were on the edge now.

I pulled him upon me grabbing his head. I put his lips on mine and thrust my tongue hungrily inside his mouth and held him close by his back. All things combined, and his savage thrusts made me scream with another /orgasm/huge-orgasm/">huge orgasm. And my orgasm made him empty a large load, largest I ever had in life, in my pussy. He collapsed upon me, his energy all spent up. We had a long passionate kiss after that.

He slid out of me but still kept me in his strong embrace, playing with my boobs and kissing my lips. He was semi erect within minutes and we sixty-nined on the bed, cumming in each other's mouth. I got up from the bed and as soon as I picked up my apparel, he grabbed me again and I felt my ass being impaled forcefully on his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. Not until he had filled my ass with his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, making me cum in turn, did he let go of me.

I dressed up and went to the disc, wondering all the way, what excuse could I make for my delay to Ria. I knew Asu wouldn't mind and he didn't when I whispered the incident in his ear while dancing, but Ria was a different proposition altogether. Well, I made up that the hotel management had sent in housekeeping for change of linen and towels as they had not been done free porn movies download on account of the parties staying there prior to us had checked out late.

Poor Ria, little did she know that I was ”freshening” up his husband on his bed after a long tiring /trip/">trip. ;-)